Friday, March 20, 2009


For all of you that are going through a trying time I just want to send you a hug. Take it and remember I am thinking about each of you and try and pray for those that I know.
We all need to know we are thought about, right? I find comfort when I hear from you and know you have been praying for
me. Take time to comment on the post that bless you and even those that you just pass through. We need to encourage one another in the Lord. That is one way you can be a blessing to others right at home. Have a blessed week and remember God loves you and so do I.


Cathy said...

Aw, a sweet post, Aliene ~ and a big hug right back to you! Praying for your mother, you and the family ~

Deborah said...

Thanks Aliene! What a cute picture! Hope you have a restful weekend.

Ruthie said...

Oh, thank you Aliene! God bless you as you care for your mom - it's not easy, I know. My Mother- in- law was in a nursing home and we had to stop by and check on her often (and needed to be sure she was getting good care etc.)
Blessing to you.

Dani Joy said...

Thanks for the hug! I send one back to you too!! How sweet! I love hugs!!!

Seeking Grace on the Narrow Path said...

You are so sweet. Thank you too for stopping by my site.
I have been praying for you and your mother.
God is so faithful; He will take care of her. I had to just let go and let God when my mother entered into a home. It's tough I know; God will take care of everything.
A BIG HUG to you and God bless you.

The Real Gal said...

I appreciate those hugs, thank you!

Pilar Stark said...

It is funny how comments works. They can be so encouraging and so uplifting. You may not know the person, but still God's light can be shown. thanks for letting yours shine :)

momstheword said...

Oh I love this picture! And you're right, we all need hugs sometimes.

The nice thing about blogging are the people you meet, and I'm glad I've met you!

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Hope things are going well for you this week. I wish I could see the azaleas. As you saw, mine are still tiny, tight buds. And it's a very tiny bush, as well.