Friday, December 19, 2008


I thought I would give you this recipe that Mom made for years at Christmas. It was a tradition that was passed down.
I really wish I had a bowl to show you but I won't make it until Christmas Eve.
You use a clear bowl so the red, white and green will show through.
Three Layer Jello Salad
1st Layer (Green)
1 box Lime Jello ~Mix with 1 cup hot water.
Drain #2 can crushed pineapple (Save Juice)
Mix pineapple and 1 cup pineapple juice into Jello.
Let sit in Fridge until jelled
Middle layer is White
1 pk. Lemon Jello mixed with 1 cup hot water
Soften 8oz. cream cheese and put in hot jello mixture
Add 2 cups Cool Whip , add to jello and mix.
Pour on top of 1st layer and put in Fridge until jelled
Top layer is RED
2 Boxes Cherry jello
Follow directions on box
Pour on top of 2nd layer and let it jell
Put 1/2 finally chopped nuts on top
It is really festive and pretty and good. Don't just serve from top. Get all three layers in one serving.

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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't this be lovely made in a straight-sided trifle bowl? Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful recipe!