Sunday, September 7, 2008


We have found out this last week how we take so many things for granite! Hurricane Gustav came in from the Atlantic and South Louisana was hit full force. The hurricane watchers said it was the worse for Baton Rouge, Louisiana in history. New Orleans was hit three years ago with Katrina. Flood waters did extensive damage to the residents there. Some have not returned back. They have been rebuilding New Orleans for three years. The process was still on with flood levees etc. - when Gustav looked like a direct hit on them. So you can imagine the fear and frustration when Gustav was coming in. No, you really cannot unless you were in the area.. They lost everything and when I say everything - that is exactly what I mean. We had a grand daughter living there at the time and all they had, when we went to a shelter fours hours away and picked them up, was what they had carried with them. As Gustav took a little different course they did not get a direct hit, but still felt part of the impact.
We , in the Baton rouge area took a pretty good hit, but we can count our blessings. We were without electricity for four days. Did you ever try and do without electricity? No cooking, no washing clothes, no computer to air your frustrations on. (Wish I would have had some of you to write to during a dark time.) We could not go anywhere as there was a curfew. People could not get on the streets because of down electrical wires and trees. It was quite extensive throughout different parishes( county). Most areas are back with electricity now. We also had
about three trees down and debris all over. But nothing touched our home. For that we are thankful.
You hear people say"Oh, for the good ole days." I've been guilty of saying that but I think I have changed my mind. Ham Sandwiches and Peanut Butter with Jelly Sandwiches! We did stock up before Gustav hit - but after a couple days you crave a good cooked hot meal. Those that did not stock up or did not have money to stock up had a long wait in line to get the FEMA supplies like water, ice, MRE's(Meals Ready to eat.) Church groups were serving hot meals in different areas - but only in certain areas. Red Cross was setting up at different places. Some are still doing so. There are some that will have to wait another week or two for electricity.
We had a generator which helped keep the Fridge and Freezer running, so we did not lose anything like so many did. It also let us run a couple fans and gave us light. But you have to keep the generator full of gas. If you run out of gas - you were in big trouble. No gas at so many places and when they finally did get gas, the lines were miles long. They usually ran out before they were able to service all those in line. So frustrating! One night we put gas in the generator at 3AM. It usually runs about 10 hours on a full tank. Thirteen hours later it was still running. My husband said "I can't believe it is still running." I look at him and thought about the widow in the Bible that never ran out of oil until she had enough. He said "It's like the widow's oil that never ran dry until." We do that so many times! Think the same thing at the same time. Maybe it's because we have been together almost fifty years. Like we can almost read each others mind.
When the weather gets in the 90's and no breeze is blowing the little fans don't do much but stir up hot air. Around 8PM it would finally get's cool enough to be able to take a bath and get a little relief from the heat. The humidity is so bad here and that makes it harder to breathe.
All in all we came out pretty good. Yesterday morning we had church at 11AM. Skipped Sunday School since so many of the bus kids are in the low line areas. We had about 4 generators running and fans all through out the sanctuary. It was not too bad. Last night the electric was back on so we were able to be much cooler. The main thing is that we were able to go to church! So many churches cancelled services.
Well, we seem to have to wait again! IKE is going through Cuba right now and will probably come into the gulf. It seems to be following a path that could hit Louisiana or Florida or Texas. Never know about the hurricanes. They are so unpredictable. Are we ready for another hurricane? Are we ever ready? I don't think so, but we can make some preparation just in case. We still have until October to go for the hurricane season to be over. September is the worse month. I hate for anyone to have to go through one but sure hope it does not come our way again.
God is still God even in the storms!

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pse said...

Good to hear from you and know you survived the storm.