Friday, August 15, 2008


Andrea, our great-grandaughter This is a picture of Andrea with her Pawpaw's overalls" on. The picture on the right is a pair of what the old farmers call overhauls. Is it overalls or overhauls? What did they overhaul, I wonder? I think Paw-Paw Rick probably overhauled a few of his little trucks, maybe. They, (the overalls, not trucks) have a flap in the back which button up. Just in case! The ,what I call, overalls was a pair that my Dad bought for our son, Rick, around 1961. I know you Moms know what they are. Rick's son wore them when he was around two years old. There is a picture somewhere of Christopher with them on. But I could not locate it. As I was going through my cedar chest I came across the overalls and brought them to my grand daughter, Bridget. Bridget is Rick's daughter and Christopher's sister. She put them on Andrea and took several pictures. Then we sent them to Paw-Paw. You can imagine his delight! Rick does not have any grandsons yet. As Bridget was putting them on Andrea she found the back had a diaper pin in it. I thought how many years that diaper pin had been there! It had a duck head and was still in good condition. In 1961 we did not know what pampers were. I can tell you today that the old fashion diapers and pins were the best. Nothing like taking an old fashion clothesline and penning diapers double on it. I can see them flapping in the breeze now. Then getting them folded just the right way. One way for girls - another way for boys. Does anyone remember this or am I just too old to be blogging? We had three or four dozen diaper and sure saved a lot of money. Hey, you money savers, get you some old fashion diapers. Saves a bunch! Try it for at least 6 months and see how much fun they are! Try flapping them in the breeze and folding them. Have fun! I just know you are going to do it! Pampers are too convenient. But it's a thought, anyway.


pse said...

I always thought it was overalls, but also heard it pronouned overhauls. So I too wonder which is correct.

The desposable diapers they made in the late 60's weren't as nice as they are today, but we couldn't afford them anyway, so why worry!

Marsha said...

I loved you post about the over-alls vs over-hauls. How cute! I loved the photo of your grand-daughter wearing them too. Adorable.
Thanks for dropping by my blog the other day. I hope you find it a blessing.

Anonymous said...

It's "overalls" because they go "over all" clothing. But what you posted pics of is actually a pair of "cover-alls". My grandfather wore them all the time.