Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More Oldies

Thought I would give you another glimpse into some of the old dishes I have.
I'm not sure if the green glasses are oatmeal glasses or not. My husband seems to think so.
When he was about 12 years old he went to play with a friend. He does not remember what he and Richard did for Richard's Mom. Some job she wanted done and she got these two little boys to do it! Not for money - which was'nt real plentiful back in those days, but because they just wanted to help.
When my husband started home she had packed up these little green glasses (ten) and gave them to him. He probably forgot all about them. One day, after we were married for quite a few years, my mother in law got them out and gave them back to my husband. I have had them in a litlle corner cabinet in my kitchen since we got them.
I have often wander why someone would give a little boy glasses like these unless they were real plentiful at the time and she thought she needed to give him something. Also, how his Mom kept them all those years and not be tempted to use them. I'm not sure of the size but they hold at least 6 oz if not 8 oz. I feel they are juice glasses. If anyone remembers anything like these from oatmeal in the early 1950's - please let me know. I have never been tempted to use them. We must have gotten them in the 1980's.
The pitcher is another collectable. I must have gotten it in the 1990's. It came from my elderly neighbor who passed away in the year 2000. (The same sweet elderly lady who gave me the teaset from occupied Japan that I wrote about earlier.) I'm not sure of the pattern but feel sure it is real old. GuessI just enjoy old things! She and I use to talk about each piece she had. She knew I liked oldies and I think she enjoyed the company. She had no children. We were neighbors for twenty years and there was an age gape between us but I never seem to notice.
I'm glad she gave me several of the things we talked about before she passed away. At the time we talked about them I just admired them - not knowing that she would eventually give them to me. Guess she just wanted someone to appreciate them. I surely have enjoyed displaying the pitcher along with the glasses that were given my husband.

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pse said...

I love your green glass ware. Thanks for showing it to us.