Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Antiques

Does anyone know what the little crystal hearts are on the left? They are individual salt containers that were used before my time. They come with little tiny spoons but I can't find the spoons. I have 6 of these little jewels that were given to me about 20 years ago. My neighbor ask me what you used them for and at the time I did not know. So since she was packing up all her Dad's house and moving she told me to take them. At the time I just thought they were cute, but after checking antique shops I found out what they were. I saw some plain ones that were quite expensive. I have no idea what these would be worth.
The dish on the right side came from my husband's grandmother. I don't know it's original use but she use it for a sugar bowl. It was always on her kitchen table as my husband grew up.
So it means a lot to him. I just have it in a pie safe with other antiques. It can be seen because the pie safe is also an antique that his Aunt left him. It had to be restored but has original screen on it. I stripped it down when we got it and the oak was so pretty that all I did was put a sealer on it. Later I will take a picture of the pie safe and post it.
I wonder what in the world to do with some of this stuff that is so sentimemtal to me. Seems younger generations has no appreciation for antique. I'll just enjoy them and the first child or grandchild that shows interest I will give it to them. I had a Real McCoy Cookie Jar that was my mother's when I was young. One day my son came by and told me to take car of it - he wanted it. I picked it up and gave it to him and told him to take care of it! It was a Chef and in perfect shape. He and his wife went to an antique show and saw one just like it. He had to have it and paid 65.00 for it.
Guess I need to go to antique shows and see what some things are worth. I might want to have a flea market! If I wasn't so sentimental I would - but sentiment gets the best of me so I guess I'll just keep washing and dusting each little treasure.


Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Loved your post today! I, too, have some very sentimental things, and wonder if anyone will ever appreciate them. You are so right about this being a "throw away generation" that is coming up. Always changing things, wanting new, fresh changes all the time. Personally, I love the old, never want to pat with a thing, as each item has such sentimental value to me. I love your little salt cellars. I have two sets with the spoons, and always enjoy putting them out when setting a "fussy" table!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and leaving such encouraging words! It meant all the world to me. It's so wonderful to find a new and precious friend!


Dori said...

Feel free to keep me in mind! I LOVE the things you gave me at Thanksgiving. My kids still are talking about our trip to Louisiana and wanting to come again...they just finished the bath foam you gave was rationed! I know Karla loves antiques too so their beauty and sentiment is not lost on all the younger generation...some of us love them.

Mom and Dad had a good time while they were there. Wish we could have been there too.

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

What cute little salt cellars! I haven't seen heart shaped ones before.

I wonder if your sugar bowl was meant to be a candy dish? That's kind of what it reminds me of. But maybe it's too small for that?

It's the sentiment that matters. I don't care how valuable something is, if it doesn't have a story behind it than I just as well sell it. But when it has a story... then I don't care if it's just a piece of junk to someone else, it's a treasure to me!

I think it's a great idea to pass along items to your kids and grandkids who express an interest in your treasures. Let's see... wonder if nieces could be worked in there someway? (Just teasing!)

Deborah said...

Those are so pretty!
I'm not much of a collector unless it's something with a sentimantal attachment. My favorite possessions are my set of blue willow dishes that belonged to my grandma, and a cedar chest that was my mom's. I hope at least one of my kids will want these things one day.

Dori said...

SEE...I told you Karla and I could help you with your little problem! We love sentimental/old things.