Sunday, April 13, 2008


This morning, like every Sunday, my husband and I left for church. I try to get there early to greet about 15 third grade girls. Silas (Hubby) makes sure I get there on time. If he can't be early he is not going. This is everywhere we go. I told him should He dies before me I was going to start his home-going early. Back to my girls! We have a bus ministry at church. About six buses going in all directions in Livingingston Parish. (For most of you a Parish would be called a County.) The drivers get up early and start out. They get the children there on time and then run to other duties they might have. I look forward to greeting my girls. Some of them come and give me a big hug but these are mostly our regular church girls. The rest are put on the bus with no parents with them. So I try to greet them with a big hug! My heart bleeds when I see some of them. A couple come in dirty pajamas, unkempt hair and look so lost. I know we were taught you do not bring food to church and eat there. Well, these happen to be hungry children and grab cookis and drinks like they were starved. We are not in the Sanctuary and these kids need love. So several teachers even bring sandwiches for the hungry kids. Why? I will tell you. They need love and they need someone who cares. The bus drivers go into almost ghettos to get these kids and I want to be as faithful as they are to not only feed their physical bodies but to fed them spiritually. I pray for these girls that God will somehow help them to find Jesus as their personal Savior. And I want to stand at the judgment and say I did my best. We have over 125 children at church the same way. What a responsibility. Help me pray for these kids physically and spiritually. You may have a part at the judgment because they got saved because you prayed for them. Prayer does not go un-notice by God.


pse said...

You did it! We will look forward to going here often.

Dori said...

Hey Aunt Lene...SO happy to see you in blog world...check out mine!