Tuesday, April 22, 2008


These dishes came in oatmeal in the 50's. We used them to serve punch at our wedding and I have kept them all these years. So they have Precious memories. Strange how a oatmeal dish can mean so much but the older you get the more memories you had. I had forgotten about them until I started taking pictures of some of my older dishes. Does anyone remember them?


Karla said...

They came in oatmeal? I have heard of that, but don't remember it. Well, I wasn't born in the 1950s, so maybe that's why.

I take it you got one dish in each box of oatmeal, so I guess it took you awhile to save up enough for your wedding, huh? Did you know what dish you would get in a certain box? Or was it just a surprise?

How neat that you've saved them! And I'm glad you figured out how to post pictures!

pse said...

In 1964, I purchased a punch bowl and cup setlike that, to use at a friends wedding. It is now at the church fellowship hall where we use it sometimes. We probably used it at Karla's wedding also. I was surprised they were still available for sale when we worked in the hardware store in the mid 60's. I also remember getting them in oatmeal. We had some glasses like that also.

Karla said...

No, we used Rachel's silver punch bowl at my wedding... and paper cups. She had just won it and offered the use of it since silver matched my wedding colors (rose and gray). Otherwise, I'm sure we would have used Mother's.

Farrah said...

That's so neat! Thank you for sharing!