Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back Again

Haven't written a post in over a month.  Several  have wondered  if something was wrong.
You would not believe it if I told you!  If  you could see a picture of my face right now you would think I had been in a fight.

I will begin about a month ago.  Silas was out in the garden trying to pull up post that he had put down to hold up the wire for the butter beans.  He was so anxious to get the garden ready for fall.  Somehow he pulled a muscle in his back.  No big deal ~ it will be okay in a couple days.  The next day he could not turn over or get up without severe pain.  Finally, after about a week he went to the doctor.  He is not one to take
very much medicine.  He got an anti-imflammory and a muscle relaxer.  That's been three weeks ago.  He is much better but still has to be careful.  But I don't think he will have a fall garden.

The first couple weeks I had to feed the chickens.  Now, how hard is it to get a can of feed and throw it in the chicken pen and check the eggs?  I did fine with that.  Then I looked and their water was low.  I head for the faucet to turn the water on.  We have a little drainage ditch that I had to step over.  It was completely dry.
I decided to put my foot in the ditch and step up.  A whole foot.  (that doesn't sound right, does it?)  Can you imagine half a foot?  The ditch was about a foot high.  When I stepped up out of the ditch I went down on my knees.  Since I have problem getting up from anywhere without help,  I wondered what to do.  I hollered  for anyone that would hear me.  No one answered but the rooster.  Every time I hollered ~ he crowded!  By this time the whole situation was getting hilarious.  About 5 ft away was a tree that was big enough for me to pull up on.  I crawled over tot he tree but could not get up.  I sat there and wondered,
"Am I going to sit here until someone came out".  I looked around and the little drainage ditch was about two
feet away.  So I crawfished backward with my feet in the ditch and pulled up on one knee.  Yeh!  I was up and okay. I don't think the chickens got their water until later.

A little over a week ago I  had to go to the doctor to be established with a new primary physician.  We both felt better so we decided to go to Sams and pick up some things we needed.  It was a little tiring but we made it fine and headed on home.  Silas pulled the truck up by the door so I could help get the groceries in.  He still could not lift anything too heavy.  I grabbed my purse etc. that was in the front seat.  I got to the side walk and my sandal caught on the edge of the sidewalk and down I went.  My face hit a clay pot that I had on the bottom step and knocked it down.  I sat back up but could not get up.  I thought I had broken my glasses because  of where I hit.  It's only the grace of God that I did not break anything.  I hit the corner of my eye and scraped down the side of my face.  Silas could not help me so he hollered for our grandson and his Dad.
They picked me up and put me on the sofa.  I  was hurting ~ but  I feel blessed that I just hurt.  I have the biggest, black eye.  Guess it will take awhile to heal.

So ~ that's my story.  Have you had anything interesting happen lately?