Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Forgiveness is something that we must do if we want to be forgiven. When Peter ask the Lord if He thought a person should forgive one who has wronged him as many as seven times. You know Jesus reply! "Not seven times but seventy times seven." In multiplication that is 449 times. But I think the message the Lord was trying to get over was that forgiveness should be unlimited. Just forgive until you are in the habit of forgiving. When we pray we should say "Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name ...forgive us our trepasses as we forgive those who have trepassed against us... for if you forgive men their trepasses, your Heavenly Father will also forgive yours: for if ye forgive not men their trepasses, neither will your Father forgive yours." (Matthew 6:12-15)

The greatest example of forgiveness, of course, is Jesus Christ. Evilmen accused him falsely, convicted Him unjustly, beat Him unmercifully, mocked Him cruelly, spiked Him to a cross. With blood running over His forehead, down His arms and over His feet, with His back scourged unmercifully, He looked down from the cross at the hostile crowd and prayed, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." Not a twinged of bitterness, but only love and forgiveness were in His heart toward those who had put Him there. In that sentence, we were forgiven and set free from the bondage of sin.

Forgiveness is sometimes difficult. Just think about that for a minute! The cost is always borne by the one who does the forgiving. If I break a pretty and expensive vase of yours and you forgive me, you suffer the loss and I go free. If I ruin your reputation and you forgive me, you bear the hurt and I go free. Forgiveness doesn't restore the vase or the reputation. It doesn't repair the damage which was done. It just writes it off!~ Forgiven! Isn't that what Christ did for us on the cross? He cancelled the debt. When we forgive someone we letting our offender off the hook. Jesus, hanging on the cross looked up to the Father and said "It is finished." The plan of salvation was complete. He came for that purpose and He finished it. Now we can enter in because of what He did for us. Oh, What a Savior!

Forgiving is a choice. It is an act of the will. It is a clear and deliberate choice. This does not mean that the hurt will go away or that the damage wasn't real. Neither does it mean we'll be able to forget what happened. As long as our mind is clear we'll be able to remember the hurt we received. It just means that we no longer want our offender to suffer for what they may have done. We no longer hold resentment toward the person or wish him ill.

And don't wait most of your life for someone to come to you to ask forgiveness.You just forgive in your heart. Sometimes we have to keep reminding ourselves that we have forgiven our offender for what he may have done. It is the devils business to bring it to mind. The deeper the hurt the longer it may take for the wound to heal.

The story is told of two men who traveled through life with sacks on their backs. Each time a hurt was received they would place it in what became known as their "injury sack." One man's sack became so bulging and heavy he couldn't walk without difficulty or pain. The other man's sack was empty and light. There was nothing in it. "How can your "injury sack" be empty," a stranger asked? "Have you never been hurt? "Oh yes, I''ve been hurt many times," the man replied. "As my sack grew large and its weight became unbearable, I asked a friend one day if he would help me carry the load," he replied. "No one can help you carry the load of hurt, he replied, "but there is a way for you to rid yourself of it. Take the scissors of forgiveness and slit the bottom of your swack, and your load of hurt will fall away." That's what I chose to do that day. Since then, I take all the hurts I receive and place them into my "injury sack" as before , but now they simply slide out the bottom. That's one load I chose not to carry.

Do you have an "Injury Sack? If so, be sure to have scissors handy. It will make life much easier.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Katie Luther

We have all heard and read about the great preachers of old. Jonathan Edwards, Martin Luther, John Wesley, Dwight L. Moody, William Booth. But have we ever consider their wives? I've been looking over several of them and was suprised to find that some of them did not stand behind their husband's ministries. Yet, others married wives that were totally opposite yet they built off of each other. One of my favorites is Katie Luther. Martin Luther was not a simple man. Early in his life he went to law school to please his father. One night as he was returning to law school a bolt of lightening rent the sky and the 21 year old law student begged God to spare him~ vowing that he would enter a monastery if He would. Two weeks later he dismissed his parents wishes, he shocked his friends as he enter a monastery. The vows he took were obedience, poverty, and chastity, which of course ruled out marriage. Most of you know the story of how when Martin Luther was 33 years of age he had grasped the meaning of "The just shall live by faith." In 1517 he nailed his Ninety-five Theses to the Wittenberg door, seeking a scholarly debate. He never got that debate, he got a Reformation instead. After this his Authority was not the church nor the Pope; his authority instead was the Bible itself, the Word of God. His statement was: "Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me." We know the trials and test he went through, so we will skip over that part as I want to to talk about his wife. Katherin von Bora! Katie was nearly sixteen yrs. younger than Martin. She had been placed in a nunnery when she was about nine or ten yrs. old. During this time nuns and monks were leaving to follow Martin Luther. Secretly Katie and 11 other nuns were interested in leaving the and send word to Martin Luther to see if he could help them. Two days later they were hidden in a barrell under a canvas and delivered to Martin. Three returned home. Martin Luther's job was to get husbands for them. This was not an easy job. As German girls married at fifteen or sixteen, most of them were considered past their prime. Eventfully Luther was able to find husbands for all of the nuns but one. It was Katie von Bora. Luther still tried to find a husband for her. After Luther visiting his parents and of course they wanted someone to carry on the family name, he came to the conclusion that he must marry. He was now 41 years of age. The courship with Katie was anything but romatic. "I am not madly in love but I cherish her," he said. So once he made up his mind, Luther didn't waste any time. The first year of their marriage many adjustments had to be made. Luther had not made his bed in in a year. That was changed. Katie even got him a pillow. Luther's biggest adjustment dealt with the family's purse strings. Luther had never learned how to save money. He once said, "God divided the hand into fingers so that money could slip through it." He gave away anything that was not absolutely necessary. Katie took over as business manager. Sometimes she had to hide money to keep Luther from giving it away. While there were tensions in this area, he came to understand that he lacked the ability and Katie was strong in that area. Luther once wrote thinking of Katie, " I am blessed to have a wife to whom I can trust my affairs. Katie wasn't content to be a Martha, working in the kitchen or garden. But Luther didn't always want to be bothered by a Mary. One time Luther locked himself in his study for three days until Katie had the door removed. They had six children -Martin wanted to with draw into himself - while Katie wanted to share his world. Luthers remarks were "All my life I have had to be patient. I had to be patient with the Pope, I have to be patient with the heretics, I have to be patient with my family and I even have to be patient with Katie. But Katie had to be even more patient with her genious husband. He was a man of many moods, melancholy was often induced by poor health, and sometimes the other way around. He had a shopping list of ailments including gout, insomia, hemorrhoids, gallstones, dizziness and ringing in his ears. Katie would have to nurse him back to health. Katie was far more than chief cook, nurse, and bottle washer. He had to be a remarkable woman to manage the Luther house hold. Besides there six children, Luther would bring home orphans and nieces and nephews that neded a home. Katie had to hire help with the house hold. Besides the children, there were tutors and student boarders, and of course because of Luthers fame they had many guest to drop in unexpectedly from England. When Katie became frustrated with a project she would strike her side and burst forth with "Ave Maria." Luther's response was, "Why don't you ask Christ to help you?" Marriage's appreciation of marriage deepened during his twenty years with Katie. Marriage is a school for character and both he and Katie learned much in that school. He wrote that nothing is more sweet than harmony in marriage, and nothing more distressing than dissension. Martin may have been the key figure in the Protestant Reformation, but Martin and katie together revolutionized the commom concept of marriage that was held in that day. There is a saying that Martin loved to quote: "let the wife make her husband glad to come home and let him make her sorry to leave." The success of any marriage depends on two people who aren't afraid to grow and change as Martin and Katie.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Pants Hangers

I'm in a silly mood so here goes one of my silly talks. I get in a tizzy now and again to write something profound. How much more profound than every day things? One day I just might surprize you with something really profound.
Do many of you remember clothes flapping in the breeze to dry? What about pants hangers? Wire spread out to put the legs of the boys jeans
into to make a seam that looked ironed. You know what I think? They need to re-surface. Why? If you know what I am talking about ~ and have used them ~ then I know about how old you are.
I had three brothers and I hated to iron jeans. I was the one that ironed, but somehow jeans always twisted just when I thought I had them right. The side seam wound up almost in the front. But with the pants stretchers ~ and that is what they did, stretched because you could pull the waist out from size what? Maybe 24-45 inches. I don't remember!
I have wished at times we had skirt stretchers. What size do you wear?
Well, let me think! How far did I pull the waist, uh,uh.. Oh yea, I wear a size 14. No.. Size 16! I dare not go to a 12 because , well, can't hide that much. What about the hips? Oh well, just as well go on and say the hips stretched, too.
Now we have dryers that shrink the clothes. What? My size 14, uh~ I mean 16 has shrunk to a 12. I can't even think about not being able to wear that any more! Well, you just have to learn what to put in the dryer and what to hang on a hanger and let it dry. Then stretch it as far as you can and it may be lose on you ~I mean on me! Don't that feel good? I mean this top is absolutely to big for me. I must be loosing weight.
Ever try that mind game?
I guess at this age in life it is wistful thinking to want to lose weight. Just to maintain is my goal. I just don't have the incentive to lose because of the insulin I have to take. Oh well, you have to have something to blame, don't you?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

She Found a Husband

"And she went, and came, and gleaned in the field after the reapers, and her hap was to light on a part of the field belonging untoBoaz." Ruth 2:3 Little did she know, that amid the sheaves—she would find a husband! "She happened." Yes, it seemed nothing but an accident—but how divinely was it overruled! Ruth had gone forth with her mother-in-law's blessing, under the care of her God—to humble but honorable toil; and the providence of God was guiding her every step! Little did she know, that amid the sheaves—she would find a husband; and that he would make her the joint owner of all those broad acres; and that she, a destitute foreigner, would become an ancestor of the great Messiah! God is very good to those who trust in Him, and often surprises them with unlooked for blessings. Little do we know what may happen to us in the future; but this sweet fact should cheer us—that nothing which is really good for us—shall be withheld from us! The word "chance" is banished from the Christian's vocabulary—for we see the hand of God in everything. The seemingly trivial events of today or tomorrow, may involve consequences of the highest importance. Take comfort—our Lord deals as graciously with all His servants—as He did with Ruth! Spurgeon ~ ~ ~ ~

Friday, March 19, 2010


This is the Bonnet Girl Quilt pieces that my Mom cut out no telling how many years ago. I found them and wanted to do a quilt. There were only three pieces to it. The picture on the left is what I came out with, except for the shoes. Her shoes were the same color as the dress. So I changed that. When I got it done my husband told me the bonnet was upside down. We got a laugh out of it anyway.
The picture on the right I added the sleeve and hand . I still did not like it. I wanted to used the material that Mom used - but the skirt looked too big.
I called my sister-in-law in Arkansas an we e-mailed pictures back and forth. She came up with a hand drawn pattern that I enlarged. I took the pieces of Mom's material and made one that looks like this.
I still cannot decide which to do. OR should I use a pattern that I have with all the directions. It has an apron. I probably could cut an apron for either of the two I improvised but will I be satisfied?
Has anyone out there made or have patterns for
Bonnet Girl Quilts? Let me know what you think and what you would do. How would you use the big skirt at the top right?
I just think the skirt is too big on the red on the right. What do you think? I have not done much quilting and it is hard for me to decide which would look the best.
Please take time and give me your opinion. It really might help me to decide.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Victoriously Frazzled

We have passed a church sign several times that I have wondered about. It was a Ladies Meeting at a church that said: Victoriously Frazzled. It hit me this morning ~It looks like those two words are on opposite ends. I mean, how in the world can you be frazzled and in victory at the same time. I looked up the word frazzled and did not find it. I figured it must have come from the word Fray. If you have a better definition, let me know. The word Fray means : a fight, noisy quarrel. Does that sound like like you are victorious? I don't know but ! Another definition means make or become ragged or worn along the edge. Hmm! Have you ever been frazzled? I was, just yesterday. I wrote a post and spent some time on it. I finally had it like I wanted and hit publish and my post had completely disappeared. I said out loud, "What in the world happened? " Then I realized I was talking to myself? I shut the computer off and went to bed before I started answering myself. Then I thought I might have posted it on the KJV blog. Got up, went to computer, pulled it up and found nothing. I was glad in one way, but yet it was a good post, or so I thought. If anyone sees my post, let me know! Then I get frazzled when I want to do something and things don't work right. Guess the older you get the more worn around the edges you become. Fray also mention two more words: wear away and rub! Anyone ever rub you the wrong way? Do you feel victoriously at that moment? Victorious means: Having won a battle, conquering. Do you feel frazzled when you are victorious? Wait! You might just feel like you were rubbed or just a little ragged around the edges from the battle. You might even feel you are wearing away. But you have still have won the battle. 'Reckon we could tie that in some way? I have no idea. Wish I knew someone that was at that Ladies meeting. I just know at times we get frazzled and at times we are victorious. But to be Victoriously Frazzled? Guess it means after the battle you are a conqueror. I know they have to be tied in somehow. Just something to think about.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Kathy's Quilt

This is a small quilt top that Mom had partially pieced together when my niece (she is over 50 now) was a baby. It must have gotten put up in the attic at Mom's with some quilt tops my grandmother did years ago. Kathy, my niece, was Mom and Dad's first grandaughter. And I had a little niece! We were so proud of her. She had two older brothers but we had already rocked them. When she was little~ Mom and I made Kathy little pinafores. I instantly regonized the baby squares Mom had put together. You can see them going down the middle of the quilt. There are several blocks that I remembered as my dresses that I had made for myself. A couple of Mom dresses I can see. It was like going down memories lane. I knew when I saw this that I had to make it for Kathy. Mom had the strips sewed together so it wasn't hard to add them to the middle section.
I have to let you know that I am not a quilter. I started to sew it on the seeing machine but I wanted it to be
part of Mom to Kathy. Mom did quilts the old fashion way, by hand!
So I got the unbleached muslim and batting (that I happen to have on hand) and pinned each block with big quilting safety pins. That part wasn't too hard. The actual quilting was what I dreaded. I put it up awhile. Last week I got it back out and every time I sat down I would
quilt a little on it. I actually enjoyed it. Now I'm thinking about starting another one.
When I was almost finished with this quilt, Silas and I were moving the sofa back a little. I saw a box I had slipped under there. When I opened it I thought it was cards different family members had sent Mom. Down in the bottom were pieces of material. When I got them out it was the little bonnett girl pattern already cut in pieces. So ~ guess I will quilt again. I will start this from scratch when I figure out just what to do.
Hey! Quilting is fun after all. Not that I did so good on Kathy's quilt, but I guess you learn as you go!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I know you have read the story in Joshua 14 about Caleb wanting what the Lord had promised him forty -five years earlier! " verse 12: "Now therefore give me this mountain." He is now 85 years and tells Joshua (Paraphrasing) "I want that mountain that was promised me!" I think Joshua and Caleb thought of their ages. I just imagine that Joshua said "Now, Caleb, we aren't as young as we were when we started on this journey. Besides, there are giants there!" That would be enough to frighten us off right there, but not Caleb. Not only that~ but there were cities that were great and fenced. Caleb didn't blink an eye. He was determined to get Mount Hebron. It was his inheritance! He knew what to expect in claiming his inheritance. Verse 11: "As yet I am as strong this day as I was in the day that Moses sent me: as my strength was then, even so is my strength now, for war, both to go out and to come in." Also, there was much land to be cleared and wood to be chopped. Didn't phase Caleb. He had strength to do it! How many giants have we faced in life and knew we did not have the strength to face them? Joshua knew his God and knew his strength came from God. How many times do I have to tell the Lord, "My strength is small, but I know you art a Mighty God. So I am depending on YOUR strength to see me through." And He always does. Just like he helped Joshua, so will he help us if we depend on Him. We have an inheritance, also. One that the Lord has promised us! So we'll keep on working until Jesus comes. Right? I think my husband's name should have been Caleb instead of Silas. A couple weeks ago he blacked out. This had been the second time in six months. He hit the floor but don't remember. The first time was dehydration from working outside in the heat. We brought him to ER and that is what they said. This time I was alarmed and thought of little TIA's. Finally got him in to see a doctor against his wishes. He kept telling me that he was going to be like Caleb when he reached age 85, which is quite a few years away. Said he would be chopping wood and working outside when he was 100.I kept telling him that he was not as young as he use to be. He needed to slow down. The primary Dr. had a CT Scan done. Nothing! She sent him to a Cardiologist for tests. They showed absolutely nothing! The Dr. told my husband to keep chopping that wood and keep digging that garden. He was in tip top shape! This is one time when I'm glad I was wrong. I also had my colonoscopy done and all was okay. No sign of cancerous polyps. So I guess I will have to pick that axe up for Silas! (That's a joke.) I am just thankful and praise Him.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Down Memory Lane With Old Pictures

Does this look like an old picture? Do you remember the border around photos? I don't, although I am in the picture. Mom, on the right and her friend, Edna, on the left. I am the baby with the big bonnet. They were friends when they were young and re-connected later in life. Mom was expecting my brother in the picture. Took me awhile to figure that out. Remember putting your hand on your tummy when you were expecting?
He is only 15 months younger. Notice the shoes! I suppose this must have been in 1941. It was taken at a bridge in Ponchatoula where we lived. I wonder who took the picture? Guess I will never know.
This is another old picture of my three brothers and me . Mom always cut me bangs and braided the two sides and brought them together on the top. I hated the braids. Ronald, on the left is the one Mom was expecting on the bridge picture. He had ringlets! I think he must have been about three before he got a haircut. Now why would a stinking boy have curls and my hair was so fine and straight that Mom could not do anything with it? Don't seem fair!
Lyn is the oldest and Darrell is to the right. I was always taller when we were young. Ronald was the runt. Guess it must have been summer. No shirts and barefoot! Look like the grass needed cutting unless we were in a field.
I wish I knew.
Things like this I should have ask Mom but there are things you don't think about until it is too late.
We were a little older here. Guess this picture is unusual because I don't have many pictures with me smiling. Darrell in the middle wants to get this over with and Ronald either had the sun in his face or just being a clown. Look at Darrell's big legged pants! Had big pockets, too. Don't know what Ronald has on, vest or jacket. Looks like we are all barefoot.
If you have old pictures and yourMom is still living ~ Now is the time to get the history of them. I have found quite a few and I will always wonder where we were, who took the picture and why I always had to be with the stinking boys. I love them dearly but I got into a lot of trouble following behind them. I climbed trees and couldn't get down, scratch my knees many times, tried to play marbles or whatever they played. I guess they wondered why a stinking girl always had to be in their way. Finally I started playing by myself and actually had a better time. My imagination was big so I could go where I wanted and do what I wanted. Only in my dreams! Just a few pictures and thoughts down memory lane.